Toolbox Newsletter XIX

Feb. 9, 2021

Filtered Maps in Tableau Public Dashboards

In our Dec. 1 issue, we showed you how to build graphics and filtered dashboards in Tableau Public. This issue, we’ll show you how to build filtered maps with Tableau.

The set-up is the same: Import a dataset, build the map in the interface and save it. Then create a dashboard, import the map to it, add your filter, credits and headline.

Here’s the first video to walk you through the exercise. The second video will show you how to move it to the dashboard and add the filter. You’ll be a Tableau maps ninja in no time.

Here’s how Nicole Sroka, one of my UIC journalism students, built a filtered dashboard of maps and graphics with Illinois COVID-19 data.

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— Noam Chomsky interview in Wang, Joy (December 2004). "Lecture: Noam Chomsky"


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